Girlboss Soundtrack



No secret that I love me some Girlboss-spirit!

After reading & loving Sophia Amoruso’s fab book I was obviously beyond excited to watch the brand new Netflix series. 
So let me walk you through the exact events when Girlboss was available for streaming:

– Email from Netflix: “Andrea, we just added something you might like”
– Me: *Heart beating like I just ran a marathon* Fuck everything I planned for today, let’s get a bottle of wine and binge watch

The soundtrack really ROCKS I thought to myself a couple of times… Thank god for modern technology and streaming services, because Spotify helped me the next day to confirm if it was really that good, or if the wine and visuals just tricked my senses. Well, it was that good. So my obsession morphed from binge-watching the series to binge-listening the Playlist.

Anyways, if you like a good mix of cool and a bit unconventional rock music (I’ll skip explaining more just because I am an idiot with describing music)  you should check it out

*Girlboss Playlist on Spotify*