Industrial Bar Cart



While dreaming up plans how my design studio should look like when finished renovating the idea of having a kick ass bar cart came to my mind. It is no secret that I enjoy a good drink (or two…) to relax, get inspired or just have fun. So, of course, there had to be a bar in my new creative work & play room.


I am an admirer of anything industrial & minimalistic, so I had the goal to combine both styles and find the perfect industrial bar cart & matching “accessories” (yeah, I mainly mean cool looking alcohol bottles) – and I succeeded.

So if you want to come by for a drink let me know.

The Cart

It felt like searching for the right industrial bar cart for ages but I am such a perfectionist, I did not want to go with anything that did not match my taste completely (and of course had the right size, height, material, price etc). This one is made of black metal, has the distinct industrial / loft look, nice quality and was below 140 EUR, which means more budget to spend on alcohol, right?!

Metal Bar Cart

Trent Austin Design

Marshall Acton Bluetooth Speaker
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The Accessories

Many of these details were collected over time and waited patiently for being arranged onto the cart.
The Marshall Acton Bluetooth speaker just fits seamlessly into the optic. Drinks & music simply belong together. 

I LOVE Fornasetti so I needed to get these coasters that all show different to get these coasters that all show different faces / designs of his muse. Some old VOGUE magazines, a couple of stylish books and a shopping bag from OAK NYC give the cart a fashion touch. (Off topic: Is it weird that I still know what I bought at OAK the day I got that bag, though it is about like 5 years ago?)

The Beverages

Quick Disclaimer: All bottles were chosen not only because of the quality of the beverage but equally important for the look of the bottle (yep, I know I am strange).

I am a vodka girl. So naturally, there needs to be vodka on my bar cart. The Absolut Glimmer bottle was a limited edition and I hunted it down for weeks. The other vodka is by Crystal Head and I got as a gift and is waiting since 2 years to be cracked open. I am just obsessed with the look of the bottle. 
The other liquors are a clear single malt rye whiskey called JUURI from a small distillery in Finland & the good old trusty Hendrick’s Gin (a must-have for every bar).

For the mixers I got some Thomas Henry slim tonic to have some calories left for the big ass pizza I order after getting drunk (and because the bottle colors fit the theme) & during a trip to Amsterdam I stumbled over Fentimann’s Curiosity Cola. Ladies & gentleman, ain’t that a cool name & label design or what?!

Thomas Henry Slim Tonic
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Juuri Rye Gin
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Fentimans Curiosity Cola
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Books. Books, books & vodka!

Some of my favorite things on this planet. Besides all my business books I love having cool & stylish ones around, too.

I came across these books on Amazon with illustrations by Megan Hess a while ago and was surprised that they were not only quite affordable for the quality but also full of insanely wonderful art (and of course, the topics of Coco Chaneland New York City are so me). I highly recommend these books. Perfect as a gift or for just swooning about all the art inside yourself.

Megan Hess Books
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Nachtmann Tumbler Glasses
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The Glassware

For the glassware, I went with classic and vintage looking tumbler glasses from Nachtmann &  the super cool skull shot glasses and Martini glasses are from Crystal Head Vodka to seamlessly match my bottle.

Crystal Head Vodka & Martini Glas
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Marshall Acton Bluetooth Speaker
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... and some Rock'n Roll

The last thing that deserves some more attention is the Marshall Acton Bluetooth speaker.

The design, the sound – flawless! I was positively surprised about the overall quality & that this small box is loud enough to make the neighbors call the cops on you if you overdo the volume during parties at night. So overall the perfect addition for my design studio.