Welcome to Wonderland



Welcome to my brand new blog, my Wonderland!

I have been working on this site for quite a while now. I am sure many of you know the situation just too well that you have an idea, are on 100% go-mode for it and then life happens (“Andrea, I have a billion distractions for you today. So nah, no working on that site for the next couple of weeks”). Well, somehow I finally managed to get my shit together here and voila, here it is!

The reason why I have been wanting to start a blog since forever is pretty simple: I usually have so many thoughts in my head that it might end up exploding at some point if I don’t get them out. Oh, and also I am insanely bored by most blogs out there because they 

are too pretentious, too perfect, too many words with basically saying nothing (at least nothing important). I am not here to write all positive-only stuff about my life (because it ain’t). I am a girl who is not only interested in the superficial things like fashion & makeup but also in entrepreneurship, politics, arts and subjects that really matter on many levels.

I am not into telling only fluffy things. So if that is not for you, your time is better spent watching some contouring tutorials or cat videos on Youtube.

Alright, enough explaining. Let’s clink glasses and let me know what you think <3

XO Andrea